Monday, March 10, 2008

Whats Wrong With This Picture?

One of my little quirks and pet peeves has long been a distaste for those people who find it perfectly well to present themselves as possessing credentials that they have not earned, in particular doctorate or graduate degrees in theological fields. The Word-Faith sect (i.e. Kenneth Copeland, Creflo Dollar, Kenneth Hagin and their fellows) is a particularly grievous offender of this practice but it is not limited to those on the heretical fringe. On one of the discussion boards, somebody started a thread with "Dr. James White" in the title. Now, I admittedly do not care much for Mr. White's tactics nor his theological and exegetical acumen, but his presented academic credentials are a bothersome issue. I was accused of slandering the man with misinformation today and I don't take kindly to that inference so I thought I would quickly take a look at Mr. White's alma mater. The truth of the matter is this is an embarrassment to the body of Christ as it took a Mormon apologist to flush this out a few years ago. Mr. White received for all practical purposes a correspondence degree from an unaccredited store front "institution" called Columbia Evangelical Seminary (formerly called Faraston Theological Seminary). Here are a few pictures of this "esteemed University" and I reluctantly provide a link to a site presented by a Mormon who has researched the issue extensively.

Mormon apologist expose

Columbia Evangelical Seminary Website

No, not that picture ... These pictures ...


kangaroodort said...

I read this awhile ago and it is very sad and disappointing. I heard that one of his publishers (if not more) refuse to put "Dr." James White on his books for this very reason.

DonaldH said...

This is news to me! But let me say oh my brother, tell the truth!

It's amazing how authorative this man claims to be.

Bye Doc.

A.M. Mallett said...

While I am no fan of White's theological perspective, I am willing to recognize his talents in expressing his viewpoints. However, his deceptions regarding his academic credentials remove even fellowship from consideration at this point. Now I am sure he does not know me from Adam but the finer point is we are one body and when one brings disrepute to it we all suffer.

Blessings in Christ
A.M. Mallett