Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I found this out on the net somewhere and thought it was great ...

I Joined a Mailing List
I joined a Calvinist mailing list I was predestined to join;
an Arminian mailing list because I could;
a dispensationalist mailing list because the time had come;
a Torah-observant mailing list because I should;
an Anabaptist mailing list because I could not fight it;
a Creationist mailing list, and it was good;
an intercessory mailing list after I prayed about it;
and a prophetic mailing list. I knew I would!
I joined a Sabbatarian mailing list on Friday night,Saturday night, and Sunday night, to cover every base;
got caught up in a pre-tribulation Rapture mailing list
and in a post-tribulation mailing list, just in case.
I joined a Catholic mailing list that was a piece of work;
an evangelical mailing list by God’s grace alone;
a contemporary mailing list to see what was happening;
a traditional mailing list of which I had known;
a fivefold ministry mailing list so I would be equippedto open up and operate a mailing list of my own;
an interdenominational mailing list if I missed anything else;
and a cessationist mailing list. Then I was done.
~ by Michael Rew