Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Are You Christocentric?

I was thinking of something I wrote on another forum a while ago and it continues to tug at me. In examining the Calvinist view of election, I am drawn to the notion that if one's focus and center of their soteriology is that of predestined election, from before the foundations of the world, can such a view truly be considered Christocentric? I realize that my perception of the beliefs expressed by Calvinists may be weighed down by an objection to their premise, yet if coming to save only the elect, chosen before Christ (not speaking of the Logos, but of the Messiah), then how can a Calvinist claim to be Christocentric at all? Christ serves the purpose of the Elect under such a scheme. It seems that Calvinism, rather than centered upon Christ, is focused instead on Election. The LORD's election of souls provides the purpose of Christ if the Calvinist view is to be believed. This strikes me as completely backwards. From the Arminian view (and the right Christian view in my opinion) Christ is The Elect and His purpose was to bring a provision for salvation to the world, not an elect world as our Calvinist friends assert, but to a fallen world in need of a savior. Our election is predicated upon being one in Him and we look to Him as the savior, the redeemer who provides a way for all men who hear the Gospel of His life, death, burial and resurrection to find salvation and eternal life.

The question I must ask is "Are you focused upon the predestined election of souls for whom you must believe is the purpose of Christ or is the focus and object of your faith upon the One who is The Elect of God and the purpose is your Christ centered service to Him"?