Friday, November 07, 2008

Dr. Ben Witherington has done it again with an outstanding article on his blog dealing with the archaeological evidence of synagogues or as he phrased it "purpose built religious buildings". Skeptics have attempted to discredit the NT scriptures by casting doubts regarding authenticy of the existence of synagogues during Jesus' ministry and accounts in the Book of Acts. This is certainly worth reading and bookmarking for future reference.


Jc_Freak: said...

Yeah, I read that article. I never heard of anyone trying to argue that synegogues didn't exist at Jesus' time. When did this happen, and who are the geniuses that came up with that idea? (or is it genii?)

travelah said...

Hopefully they are a rare breed of skeptic however I recall a discussion I had with a small gathering of anti-missionary Jews who called into question the scriptural accounts of synagogues. I did not take much stock in their opinions even though they were quite insistent.