Monday, May 18, 2009

C. Michael Patton raised a poignant concern earlier in the following post on his blog. It is timely and appropriate in this internet age and I am thankful for his graciousness in this matter. We need to keep this brotherly example in the forefront for he reflects Christ as we should all.

An Admonishment For All of Us


DonaldH said...

Thanks for the link. These guys seemed extremely gracious on the Olson interview. Which I did like.

The comments were on point!

I tremble at the comments of those that don't get it, or make light of the situation.

He appeared to sincerely reach out!

It's sad to a degree, but it serves as warning in my life about not becoming polarized around my perspective so much so that I'm blind to the human being on the other side.

A.M. Mallett said...

Thank you for your comments. It is very easy for each of us to stand on a ground of our own making in casting aspersions at those whose opinions differ. Mr. Paton is well respected in theological circles and it is heartening to see him take this stance even though he is a strong Calvinist. I think he recognizes that the neo-Calvinist internet scene is not representative of his faith nor that of any Christian consensus. Hopefully we can see more of this among other voices in the theological community.

Blessings in Christ