Sunday, August 23, 2009

What in blue blazes is a soul to make of this hard Calvinist statement?

In fact, the elect should desire and pray for the damnation of the non elect, for thats Gods appointment of them, and we should pray for Gods will to be done..

I don't know what to say about this other than if this is ever encountered in a scripture study or in the midst of a congregation, it should be tossed out without hesitation into the dank outside from where it came.


Onesimus said...

That is the only natural conclusion to be drawn from calvinist doctrine. All I can say is that the person responsible for the statement is merely being true to his doctrine.
Too many Calvinists want to hold to their theology but don't want to recognise or admit to the full consequences of their doctrine. They try to hold to a Calvin-Lite theology with all of the nasty parts removed. However, the removal of those nasties is also a removal of the foundations of Calvinism.

I have defined three types of Calvinists:

1) The one who recognises and understands the full implications of their theology and is honest enough to admit to those implications (the author of the comment you cite for example).

2) The one who recognises and understands the implications but are NOT honest enough to openly admit to them.

3) The confused Calvinist, who hasn't really given much though to the matter and doesn't really want to think of the implications of their theology.

Kevin Jackson said...

Wow, who made that quote?

A.M. Mallett said...

I encountered this on a discussion board and it was made by a rather hardcore Calvinist who is clearly deranged in his thinking. Unfortunately, I really wasn't surprised by his comment but it does reflect just how perverse Calvinist doctrine can carry a person to.