Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Long Lost Sola? (reposted)

A sister in the LORD spurred these thoughts this afternoon … Our Calvinist friends are quick to tout their embrace of the five SOLA of the Reformation. I don't blame them at all for we Arminians also embrace the same five SOLA. Some Calvinists have even suggested dropping the TULIP in favor of promoting Five SOLA instead. I am not sure what they would think to accomplish by doing such because it would take away one of their war clubs. How does a Calvinist reply after touting Five Sola only to hear "So what? We do too"? Only Scripture, Only Faith, Only Grace, Only Christ, Only God's Glory … yeah that sounds about right although I have wondered how you can have five "only's" and still be true to any of them. It is kind of like being faithful to your only wife, all five of them. However, I think we are missing the most important Calvinist SOLA of all. This is the one that lets them declare a secret will at odds with the revealed will of God. You know, that SOLA that let's God take no pleasure in the death of the wicked but takes pleasure in what follows for an eternity. Of course, I can only be thinking of that great Calvinist SOLA … the one that occurs when the Calvinist tries to cover up the implications of his theology … SOLA Eclipse!


DonaldH said...

Great post! Very logical.