Sunday, December 06, 2009

How Does A Christian Ever Justify Being Episcopalian?

The Episcopal Church seems to have driven another apostate nail into its side with the recent election of an openly homosexual woman to the position of assistant bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles. If confirmed this would be the second bishop in service with the Episcopal Church living in an outward and open reprobate lifestyle. While I have never had any interest in participating in this liberal and fallen organization, I have been curious to observe the parallels between this Anglican organization and the Presbyterian liberal factions noted most perversely among the PC-USA sect. I suppose it demonstrates that regardless of Calvinist or Arminian leanings, apostasy can gain a footing in any organization. Prayer for these souls is essential.

Episcopal Church Elects Second Homosexual Bishop


Onesimus said...

How do they justify it?

The same way others justify THEIR particular affiliations. By ignoring the majority of scripture and referencing only those parts that suit them (IF they reference scripture at all).

I am becoming more an more convinced that the majority of those who profess to being Christians have no desire at all for the truth. They are merely interested in clinging to their favoured traditions and will do whatever it takes to defend those traditions.

The Seeking Disciple said...

Amen brother.