Wednesday, October 27, 2010

William Lane Craig Addresses the Calvinist Error of Determinism

William Lane Craig tackles the topic of Molinism, Open Theism and Calvinist Determinism in his recent podcast (Four Views on Divine Providence) located here. You will have to register on the site to listen to it but it is well worth the effort and time to do so. Beginning after the 16 minute mark, Dr. Craig starts addressing the pratfalls of both the philosophical and non-scriptural aspects of Calvinist determinism. I am sure this will clang the rattles of the various internet Calvinist polemicists but sometimes the truth has to hurt. James White has already referred to Dr. Craig as attacking the Reformed faith. I suppose if his faith is not that of the Christian faith, then he should just sit still and take the philosophical spanking. On the other hand, believing his faith in Christ is essentially the same as Dr. Craig's, Mr. White should have chosen his words more carefully.


bossmanham said...

Wow, you're like a modern day prophet. Looks like White has struck again, lol.

A.M. Mallett said...

Ha! whodathunkit??