Sunday, December 12, 2010

To Politic or not to Politic

I've been playing around with political blogging for a while and gave it a half hearted try recently. However, I cannot seem to get myself into it with enough interest to sustain it. Aside from that, there are just too many political blogs out there and given the nature of the battle, it is very easy to get pulled and pushed into rather ugly frays. I despise the current administration in Washington and that really shades my perspective when I comment on such matters. So for now, at least in this mindset this evening, I'm going to leave off the political blogging and see if I can turn my introspective examinations upon things Arminian. The fire has gone out a bit and the lukewarm musings have tended upon the trivial rather than the things that really matter to me.
As Arminians we do not spend enough time examining what historical Arminians have believed and written. I have tried to keep a working list of theological positions that James Arminius articulated during his ministry and I'll continue with that. The same should be done with Wesley and others so that we can capture what has actually been taught rather than the allowing the lies and misrepresentations of neo-Calvinists to distort the true record of Christian evidence and testimony.
Now having said all that, I'm still cognizant enough of reality to know that I am a political junkie at heart and will still post and comment in a variety of places unrelated to this theological endeavor. As for trying to fuel the fire so to speak, I'll leave that to more competent and skilled sword swingers.


The Seeking Disciple said...

Glad to see you stick with theology. Politics never changes and you can always pick up with the same old song 20 years from now.

A.M. Mallett said...

Thanks ... I need to spend more time reading the various Arminian blogs. There is some good stuff out there including your own.

Mr. Guthrie said...

I have followed politics closely since the 9th grade and like to engage in debate. Yet I have reduced the amount of political posts on my blog for the same reason you mention, that there are already a number of blogs that cover politics. Yet there is one motivation that keeps me debating and that is the attempt by those within and outside the Evangelical Church to discredit consevative Evangelical political thought and action as opposed to the Gospel and to substitute a liberal model. Some even try to link Evangelical Conservatism with Calvinist theology, hoping to affect the thinking of non-Calvinists on political issues. I thought you did a great job answering Olson on his blog. I wanted to join in on that discussion, but time did not allow.

A.M. Mallett said...

Mr. Guthrie, we are similar in that respect. I have as little regard for the machinations of liberal/emergents attempting to typecast conservative evangelicalism as I do the secular world doing the same thing. Roger brings his own biases to the table while frowning on those who likewise from the other direction. I might agree in general with his Arminian outlook but we are diametrically opposed socially, culturally and theologically as it regards the spectrum from where we each reside.