Friday, March 11, 2011

What’s his name, Rob

I've tried to read this guys junk in the past and I think I would rather read War & Peace in the dark while hungry instead of torturing myself through his latest book that has certain bloggers up in arms on both sides of the fence. Liberal emergent types don't have much to offer the church world other than what they think is another way to Jesus and Rob Bell is no exception. To be fair, all the criticism concerning his suspected and strongly hinted at universalism seems to have been made within its own veiled darkness. The critics had not read his book although Bell and his promoters certainly didn't attempt to still the flames with their early teaser. However with the book now available and a few bloggers providing comments, I suspect the criticism was well deserved. What is more interesting for myself will be the reaction from the sympathizers, some of whom attempt to mask their liberal, emergent tendencies behind the pretty picture label of postmodern evangelicalism. I think their battle is not so much against undue criticism but against their boogey monster of theological conservatives. Conservative bloggers picked up on Bell's implied heterodoxy and therefore theological conservatives receive the tar brush of the irenic postmoderns. Of course, one man's melody is another's screeching disdain. There is something about the liberal emergent sympathizers, the postmoderns, that bothers me a great deal. Aside from their ready embrace of the heterodox messengers, they strike me as particularly intolerant and bigoted, quite the opposite of irenic. I've been labeled an interlocutor (in a poor sense), a fundamentalist, by a couple of them. As I don't share a pew with either, I'll not be concerned with their bad gas nor they with mine. Nonetheless, I'll be very curious to observe how they substitute pheasant for crow in their mental gymnastics regarding this Rob Bell foolishness.


Pumice said...

It sounds like I am doing okay reading Wesley and Bonhoeffer. I have read enough of the post-modern and emergent stuff to last a life time. It sounds like we are on the same page.

Grace and Peace

A.M. Mallett said...

The whole school of thought just gets under my skin. I think my irritation with it all began with Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Life stuff. It just swept Christian pop culture and I didn't see anything of Calvary about it. It seemed to be all pop psychology.