Sunday, April 03, 2011

My Final Post (maybe) Regarding Rob Bell

The following links provide a four part series on Rob Bell’s recent book, Love Wins, by Timothy C. Tennent, Ph.D., President of Asbury Theological Seminary. This is an excellent commentary. Tennent writes "... In my estimation, Rob Bell, and apparently quite a few evangelical pastors, need a thorough re-grounding in the biblical doctrines of God’s love, sin, the kingdom of God, the necessity of human response and ecclesiology...”.

Part One: Why Rob Bell needs to return to Seminary… and bring along quite a few contemporary evangelical pastors


William Watson Birch said...

I appreciated Tennent's reviews immensely! And they meant more to me because of his status as President of Asbury, where other professors there are applauding Bell's heterodoxy. Thanks for these links.

A.M. Mallett said...

It was refreshing to see a Wesleyan take a conservative position on such a divisive issue. It gives me hope for Methodism even though I am much more in the reformation Arminian camp than I was several years ago.