Monday, February 20, 2012

Why Do We Blog?

I have been sitting here for a while trying to determine just what I wanted to state in this space. It has been a while since I last commented and rather than paste a cut from another theological resource, I would rather try to understand what I am attempting to accomplish. For the most part I use this space as a resource and a sounding board to flesh out ideas and responses as well as create a reference and storage for the theological thoughts of various theologians. This is what allows me to respond “brilliantly and quickly” when some knucklehead repeats the standard Calvinist accusation 132-a(546)f7 He chooses to save himself (ref drawer c-4) (removing tongue from cheek). I really don’t know how many times I have retrieved “Arminius on Free Will” to refute the ignorance of internet schooled neophytes who insist on playing the Pelagian trump card on unsuspecting non-Calvinists. CARM is the most frequent opportunity for these efforts but the canard is found all over the net. For the most part, this blog has served as an anti-Calvinist pacifier albeit one that leaves a better taste than the Calvinist pablum I have found in nearly every “Reformed” site explored on the “net”. So, now, I sit here wondering what I am to do with this.

I could chase after the comments of blustering nincompoops, Triablogue coming quickly to mind, but it would be a fruitless endeavor and accomplish nothing but attention to an undeserving fraud. Since I prefer to be plain speaking I might as well state it. I don’t consider the purveyors of “Triablogue” to be Christian. Of course that is judgmental of me but I would be lying if I stated otherwise. Perhaps I mean to state the work of Triablogue is not Christian. There! I have fixed my quandary. They can be real Jesus people and purveyors of garbage at the same time. Think so? That leaves me with something else to cover my tracks.

Perhaps I could craft twenty or thirty page theses discussing deep theological concepts and post one every week. I have written a few over the years but have dismissed them afterwards as being unqualified to present them. I am not a theologian. To the contrary I have need of theologians and can only hope there are enough Calvary focused souls out there to fill the need. Adding my “works” to the mix is not going to boost the acumen of the body of Christ one bit. In fact it might lead one astray were I careless. Now, none of this is to suggest I do not like or want to discuss theological issues. Instead, I am trying to find a focus that justifies the effort.

Whatever focus defines my contributions going forward, it is clear that discipline is a requisite for any meaningful accomplishments. Nonetheless, some consistent discipline is necessary for me to continue. If I cannot commit to that, there is no point in continuing. For now, the quest for purpose occupies the stage …


Godismyjudge said...

Blog (or not) unto the Lord... the only worthwhile purpose.

God be with you,