Friday, September 17, 2010

The dynamic ever changing word of God?

What is liberal theology other than the current flavor of the day? Yesterday, a liberal theologian imagined that God is not omniscient. The day before, an emergent pastor taught his class that Jesus is likened to a mountain top where many different theological paths and faiths converge into one glorious transmutation, er, transformation. Today, still another stalwart theologian stakes his liberal Christocentric worldview against the "pratfalls" of conservative orthodoxy. Round and around this continues until Methodists no longer affirm the deity of Christ, the Bible is regarded as an interpretive and dynamically changing document and a Baptist is no longer distinguishable from a Unitarian-Universalist. This has nothing to do with Arminianism although if graves could spin, that of Arminius might be a flying top.

I think we are reaching an approaching point where the church world looks upon a believer with a bible in his hand as one who fastens himself upon fables. Liberals would have us think the bible is to be interpreted rather than believed and interpreted through their rather clouded lens. Object to it and be a bigot. Withdraw from their pronouncements and wear the label of a disgusting fundamentalist. Preach orthodoxy and be told to get with the program. Today's church world is taken ill and liberalism seems to me to be the infection taken root at it's very heart.

... OK, that rant is over, time for supper.