Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Plea to the Bishops of the UMC

With the current state of the United Methodist Church in such disarray and its memberships plummeting, The Confessing Movement Within the Methodist Church has taken several bold stands over the years in various attempts to bring the once truly evangelical church for Jesus Christ back into the fold of a vibrant and orthodox body of Christ. It is a continuing and daunting task that encounters obstacles from several quarters. The liberal activist leadership of many of the UMC bloated and bureaucratic councils and committees have blocked several attempts to bring a reformation to the UMC. There is nothing left of what was once a wonderful youth program, having been destroyed by a social activist and radical swamp of neophytes who had no business or any call of God to take the reins of such endeavors. Over forty years of ruinous liberal and social justice platforms have sucked the life out of the United Methodist Church.


With diligent prayer and concerted efforts of a truly dedicated body of believers, the Confessing Movement continues attempting to make a difference in what can only be described as a dying church. The age of the average UMC local church is growing older. There are is nothing to speak of with regard to developing a church body that calls souls to the ministry. Young people are disappearing from the church. Memberships are stagnant and falling. In a word, the UMC is a mess. With these things at the forefront, the Renewal & Reform Coalition of the CM have shared their concerns with the church Bishops in the form of a stirring and passionate plea for repentance, reformation and a renewal of sound doctrine, mission and purpose. The letter should be a must read for Methodists and Arminians everywhere. It demands the fervent and availing prayers of Christians everywhere.


A Letter to the Bishops of the United Methodist Church