Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Anti-Caner Websites?

James White posted the following today on his anti-Caner website.

Norman Geisler has posted a statement that, though unsigned, is supposed to represent a statement from Kregel Publications. It is the standard party-line statement, but it includes this amazing line: "Moreover, evidence presented on anti-Caner Web sites, such as the legal documents related to his parents' divorce proceedings, confirm that his father was a devout Muslim who did his utmost to insure his sons' training in the Muslim faith." There is no question of the fact, provided by Mr. Smathers' research, that Ergun's father was a Muslim who wanted his sons raised as Muslims. Such has, of course, never been in dispute. But truly, how balanced and fair is a statement that makes reference to "anti-Caner websites"? Anti-Caner websites? What on earth is that? 

What on earth is that? Well, it might be a site that has posted well over thirty negative attacks against a man he has never met, has no overseer or elder responsibilities for and can't seem to sit down and shut up after losing his bid to totally trash Dr. Ergun Caner's life.

As a side note, here is Dr. Norman Geisler's further defense of Dr. Ergun Caner, something that probably chews at Mr. White and will draw a few more meows, I am sure.

Disclaimer: this is an "anti-Whitehead mentality website", well, occasionally, for now at least and I am not going to claim God is making me do it opposed to my desires. This is probably my last or next to last comment regarding White's absurd hypocrisy on this issue.