Wednesday, July 28, 2010

When the Dirt Creeps up the Ankles

Not being able to speak for the experiences of other Christians, I can only relate to my own experiences regarding how and when we interact with the world we each came out of. I love to get in the trenches so to speak. The political battles and social commentaries intrigue me. They always have and I've been across the political spectrum over the years first being far to the left and now fiscally conservative and socially libertarian. Being quick to the political fight brings its own pratfalls as it is far too easy to get in the mud of the pit and at the end of the day look just like the opponent, sound like him and admittedly act like him. Christ gave us a heart and mind to do better and although having been washed by his grace and sacrifice, there are two feet that pick up a lot of debris. The scriptures teach us of foot washings but I don't know if a lot of Christians really contemplate the significance of it. Peter objected. Christ admonished him for it and in my case, with mud creeping up my ankles for the time spent in the pit, I do not want to make Peter's mistake. In David's case it took hyssop. With Peter, it was the very presence of Jesus Christ. With myself, it is to be my own repentance for allowing Christ to be second... and letting the muck cover my knees.