Saturday, July 03, 2010

Dr. Norman Geisler’s Defense of Dr. Ergun Caner

In light of the continuing and disgusting antichrist attacks by James White, his Islamic bedfellows and his likeminded sycophants against Dr. Ergun Caner, Liberty University and its leadership and now the respected Dr. Norman Geisler, I think it is appropriate to keep a link to Geisler's defense of Dr. Caner handy. White's self serving website has posted a new attack against Dr. Geisler in the hope of fanning the flames of their defeat even further. The reality here is that Liberty University, Dr. Ergun Caner and its Seminary body are putting this matter behind them, healing any rifts that might have occurred and moving back onto the path of serving the work of our LORD and Savior. The extreme Calvinists as Geisler considers them and their Islamic friends in this matter are doing their best to attack these efforts and sow even greater discord in the body of Christ.

Geisler's defense of Dr. Caner can be found here.


Keith said...

What about Dr. Caner's lies? Why have you not addressed the lies?

A.M. Mallett said...

It is not my place to examine Dr. Caner. That is the role of Liberty University and those students of his who feel so inclined. I have read Caner's statements. I have read the Liberty University statement and it is my position that the matter remains at this point between those parties.
As I stated on another site, in a very real sense, the body of Christ is a victim of Caner's irregularities and of White's personal vendetta wedded to enemies of Christ. Both need to publicly repent of their sins.

In the meantime, Liberty University, Dr. Caner and the student body of the Seminary need to mend the rift that has been created and return to the work of God.